Project Rwanda

by Waleed Ali Khan

I am so excited (and a bit anxious) about this. I am going to Rwanda (its a country in East Africa in case you didn’t know) to be part of the One Laptop Per Child Initiative. I can say a lot about what this organization does, but I think this video will suffice:

What i particularly like about this organization is that it goes beyond fund raising and manual work – it allows individuals who are fortunate to get quality education to use their skills to make a difference in someone’s life. It is ideas like these that can change the world. I can just imagine how the children who get this laptop will not only change their own perceptions, but also those of their communities. They will have a wealth of knowledge in their hands, and they will be empowered to dream bigger.

So we are going to be a team of 10, 3 students in Carnegie Mellon Qatar and 7 students from Carnegie Mellon USA. We even have a blog running: where we introduce ourselves and do the planning for the project.

P.S: I have lizard-phobia. I really need to overcome that ASAP!