Project Rwanda 2: Take Off

by Waleed Ali Khan

The time is finally here. I’m finishing my packing and leaving for Rwanda in a couple of hours. I was scared this morning about what the trip is going to be like for a person who is not outdoorsy, but right now I am actually excited. Yet the uncertainty about the whole trip is making me over pack. I’ve just packed a huge duffel bag full of clothes – long sleeves, half sleeves, shorts, jeans, sweatshirts, blankets, bed linens – i think I’ve got all possible climates covered.

Going back to my panic attacks in the morning, I’m glad I had my friends to calm my nerves. From Anam saying that she would have been excited if she were me, Munjid reminding me of the cause, and Yahya telling me that it is just 10 days if things don’t turned out as planned, their pep talk has really worked. I’m really going to miss all of them in these 10 days.

About blogging in Rwanda, I’ve made the last minute decision to take my laptop with me. Even though I probably have the least portable laptop that exists (heavy and zero battery life), I think I’ll manage to write at least one post in Rwanda. I’m not sure how the power and internet situation is there.

Before ending this post, I just wanted to add that I can’t thank Hiba enough for the amazing artwork for my banner. It really does look awesome, and i like her eye for detail. By that i mean the hairy arms and the bushy eyebrows! You guys should check out her other great work at