Finding Your Entrepreneurial Identity

by Waleed Ali Khan

Entrepreneurship is part of human nature; our desire to do business is something intrinsic to all of us.  My idea of an “entrepreneurial identity” is about this dream of a unique business that you probably had all your life. I have yet to come across someone who doesn’t.

I’ve had this obsession with books ever since I can remember. Note that my obsession with books does not necessarily translate to my fondness of reading. I enjoy reading, but I am not a regular reader. I do however, love owning books. I therefore knew that I would want to start up a business related to books.

I also love coffee. I get very picky about cafes, and I have a couple of favorites where I go study. Due to this, I have acquired the ability to tell between different coffees. Therefore, my dream project is setting up a cafe for intellectuals. Even though these are common all over the world, it would be something new in Pakistan.

The cafe industry is very artificial and glamorous here. Cafes do not serve the utility that they serve in many parts of the world. For me, a cafe is a place where one can study, read, have meetings or discussions. It is also interesting to note that the first cafes were built in Damascus for the very reason of intellectual discussion. A library-cafe hybrid would be a good way to describe what i want.

My cafe would be one where one could read books from a selection, work on one’s laptop or carry out meetings in a well lit, student friendly environment. I feel strongly about good ideas being the solution to all our problems. My cafe would provide an environment conducive to thought.

The name -  The Bottomless Cup.