TEDxLahore: Ideas for Hope

by Waleed Ali Khan

Yesterday was the first volunteer meeting for TEDxLahore. In case you are not familiar with TEDx, it is an independently organized TED event, where intellectuals come and discuss their ideas with an engaged audience in a local setting.


I have been a fan of TED since about a year now, because I believe that the problems of the world will not be solved by capital but with ideas ideas. Projects such as One Laptop Per Child, Developmental Solutions Organization and TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) attempt to achieve precisely this.

The main organizers (similar to the “Upper Board” of DSO-Q) had a clear idea of the kind of speakers they wanted. They wanted people who are not necessarily famous for their accomplishments, but have done great things for the country. I must say the accomplishments of these people left me at complete awe; these people had brilliant ideas that they selfless;y executed for the betterment of something bigger than themselves. People like these gives every Pakistani hope for a better future and giving them exposure does a lot to improve the tarnished image of Pakistan.

I am not sure if being famous has anything to do with a good TED talk. I believe any accomplished person whether he/she is famous or not, can give an inspirational speech. From the top of my head, someone like Imran Khan can give a speech about “honoring the ones you love” and integrate his idea behind Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital to give a unique, inspirational talk. Unfortunately, I cannot give out the the names of any of the participants, but I can assure you that these people will inspire you.

Talking about speeches, I am a part of the Speaker Team (Headed by Khurram Siddiqui, a professor at FAST-NU) and my job entails giving the speeches a heading/topic that is exciting in order for the speaker to make his/her speech as focused and as interesting as possible in that very short time span. Another part of my responsibility will be making “TEDx Packs” for the speakers, which outline the purpose and format of the TEDx events, so that they can start preparing their talks. Lets hope the speakers take out some of their time and make an effort to give an awesome speech.

Exciting Stuff. More of TEDxLahore to come! In the meanwhile check out www.tedxlahore.com for further information.