Pakistan Floods: A Message to the International Community

by Waleed Ali Khan

Perhaps someone in the international community sitting on their couch will read this and decide to act…

Despite some generous donations, the response by the international community has been very disappointing. This is not to take credit away from countries like Saudi Arabia, who has overtaken the United States as the largest aid donor. Is it because the world thinks their aid is an issue of politics instead of humanity? Or, is the world just sick of Natural Disasters? Or, do you think we deserved this? “We” includes the woman, children and the hardworking Pakistani men who were leading honest lives trying make ends meet. It also includes families of soldiers who have fought the war against terror. If nature was fair, the first place where lightning would strike is on Mr. 10% percent’s head instead of the poorest sector of Pakistan.

The flood has more affected people than any other natural disaster in our times. The keyword here is affected. This means that you still have the opportunity to save millions of lives.  The risk of waterborne diseases is extremely high, and we have already seen the first instance of cholera. The irony is that there is no clean water for these people for consumption and for hygiene. If the world doesn’t act fast, there will be a public, global health crisis. An entire generation of Pakistanis will be lost; we will have a generation of Pakistanis that will not be able to serve our crippled economy.

Picture by Khurram Siddiqi

Let’s for one moment forget that this is a humanitarian crisis. Let’s pretend that the lives of Pakistani children don’t matter to you. If you ignore this calamity, the Taliban and other extremist organization will fill the void. This will be an opportunity for them to capitalize on the hardships of others and help out in hard reaching areas where aid organizations have still not reached. Their networks will go stronger, and our fight against extremism, which poses a global threat, will face a major setback. Your lack of support can cause global political turmoil.

I know members of the international community has it in them. We have seen their support during difficult times, such as the Pakistan Earthquake. All it needs is a big wake up call, the realization that a world-changing calamity has occurred, and that lack of immediate support can have devastating effects on the world.

Our economy is in very bad shape. Our government is probably the most corrupt we have ever seen. We look to you for hope, and we beg for your support. Please do not disappoint us any longer.

If you are outside Pakistan and wish to contribute, please contact me and I will give you channels for donations that I can personally vouch for.  I promise you your aid will make a difference.